Warehouse Inventory




The inventory will be updated regularly again.

Please follow the instructions below to submit a request.



Warehouse: Expression of Interest Form

Use this form to make inquiries about a product, order non- food items or to request just a few items instead of completing the entire food request form.

Submit the form to Debbie at food@foodbanksalberta.ca and she will assist you with your inquiry.

Download here: FBA Expression of Interest FOrm

Warehouse Order Process: PPE

To order PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), there are two options. There is some free PPE available through the provincial warehouse, and some that can be purchased by your food bank (costs have been subsidized already by 50%).

1. Download the PDF form to order free PPE here: PPE Free order form

Submit to Debbie, at food@foodbanksalberta.ca

2. Fill out the online form to order & purchase PPE here: https://forms.gle/EBZxindfTgjYfE9x7

Warehouse Ordering Process: Food

We have combined the food request form & inventory into one.  Follow these steps to make a food request from the relevant hub:

Leduc, High Prairie, Airdrie, Lethbridge, Red Deer or Okotoks.

Complete the order form with your food banks information and the number of cases requested in the ‘order’ column.

Download the inventory and order form for all hubs in Excel here: FBA Inventory July 24

Download the individual hub order forms in PDF below:

Leduc Provincial Warehouse:

-Download PDF:Leduc Inventory July 24

High Prairie Hub:

-Download PDF:High Prairie Inventory July 24

Airdrie Hub

-Download PDF: Airdrie Inventory July 24

Red Deer Hub

-Download PDF:Red Deer Inventory July 24

Lethbridge Hub:  

-Download PDF: Lethbridge Inventory July 24

Okotoks Hub:

-Download PDF: Okotoks Inventory July 24

Forms can be submitted to Debbie by email, food@foodbanksalberta.ca  or phone 780-818-4598

NOTE: Please include a date & time to pick-up or ship out the order. The warehouse will do the best to accommodate this time but is run part-time and by appointment only.