Rural Transportation Subsidy Program

This subsidy program provides reimbursement for costs incurred by rural and smaller food banks to acquire donated food through the provincial network.

This fund supports current Food Bank Alberta members. Food banks located in a community with a population of 25,000 people or less will be prioritised. 

Rural Transportation Subsidy Program Guidelines

The subsidy assistance program funds will be allocated according to a rural food banks’ proximity to the 2 major urban centres.

Food banks should keep transportation receipts and reporting from ‘Eligible Costs’ for the calendar year.

  1. Renting trucks for transport to or within eligible communities;
  2. Hiring third-party transportation for transport to or within eligible communities;
  3. Gas mileage reimbursement costs for transport to or within eligible communities at a rate of $.40 per kilometre.

This subsidy is available on an annual basis, with applications in the online membership portal in December. The applications are due the January of the following year and will reimburse costs for the previous years expenses. 

Rural subsidy