Board of Directors

Food Banks Alberta is governed by a volunteer board of directors, elected by the membership annually. 

Our Board of Directors is as diverse as the members and communities that Food Banks Alberta serves. We chatted with each board member about why they joined Food Banks Alberta, and what food banking means to them. Their wealth of experience helps guide us in making strong strategic decisions for our members working hard to end food insecurity here in Alberta. 

Come and meet our team! 



Eric Motuzas, Chair

If you ever meet Eric, you’ll be greeted with a smile and likely a conversation about sports – especially the Oilers. Eric comes to Food Banks Alberta with a wealth of experience in the financial sector, serving as an accountant for 18+ years before transitioning into a career in recruitment – a far cry from the firefighter he wanted to be when he was younger! Eric joined Food Banks Alberta because “food is taken for granted here in Canada. As citizens, we need to increase awareness of the need for community food banks. It’s about being a good neighbour to people in need – no one should go hungry here.”
Eric enjoys big Italian meals with his family and young son, Alexander.

Barb Reppert

Barb Reppert, Vice Chair

Barb is a lifelong learner, leaving the corporate world in 2015 to start her own company, Executive Impact, focusing on leadership development, coaching, and strategic choices. Her transition into entrepreneurship was fuelled by her love for personal development, and surrounding herself with people who want to achieve great things. Barb joined Food Banks Alberta because of the passion and love she feels for the work and challenges she takes on. “Choice is a powerful word. When people and families are finding themselves in a position of struggle, I hope that they can always choose food banks, and never go hungry.” If faced with a choice herself – Barb would always choose peanut butter and jam as her #1 favorite food.

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Kim Dumont, 2nd Vice Chair (High Prairie Food Bank)

Kim joins the Food Banks Alberta board of directors with a background in business administration and a deep of knowledge in food banking. She is currently the Coordinator for the High Prairie & District Food Bank Society, and believes that “Food Banks Alberta does many amazing things for food banks in Alberta.” You can find Kim enjoying time with her family and her pets, including dogs Zoey & Willow, and cats Scratch & Pedro.

Cory Square

Cory Rianson, Treasurer

Currently the Executive Director of the Leftovers Foundation, Cory is passionate about food security. When asked why he joined the Food Banks Alberta Board of Directors, he shared that “Food banks are undervalued as a front line social service. So much of the social safety net has come to rely on a system that was always meant to be temporary. Food banks need so much more support and recognition for the work that they do.” Cory has been fortunate enough to participate in research projects and courses internationally, travelling to Norway and Italy. But his favorite food matches his favorite travel destination- Japanese curry.

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Mike Pasma, Secretary (Calgary Food Bank)

Mike says that the most interesting thing about him is that he wakes at 2 AM most days. With his favourite hobby being exercise – we can only imagine what he gets up to! Mike manages the logistics and supply  at Calgary Food Bank, a bustling hub in one of Alberta’s biggest cities. Engrained in the food banking world, Mike shares that “I see the amount of clients that need to use us to make sure they have enough to eat. It is crazy that we live in such a world. So Food Banks Alberta is my way of extending the work I do at the food bank – because I believe that FBA is a great way for our collective impact to be larger – that we are more together then just the sum of our parts.” When Mike isn’t running (both literally and figuratively), you can find him dreaming of a trip to South America – notably Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

Board Directors 2023-2024

Charlotte Shipp, Director

It’s no surprise why Charlotte finds alignment with Food Banks Alberta and our work. As the Industry Programs Manager at Alberta Pork, she works with producers to have an impact on their farming operations, ensuring that they can continue to provide food to Albertans and beyond. Charlotte joins Food Banks Alberta because “food is a common thing that can help bridge us together. Many people, including myself, have experienced food insecurity at some point in their life. We should not be ashamed, and instead work together to help others in times of need.” It’s no surprise that Charlotte’s favorite food is pork, of course! When she isn’t chairing a Porkapolooza BBQ fest meeting, you can find her with her horses.

Byron Nelson, Director

Byron brings a wealth of legal experience to our Board of Directors, as a practicing lawyer for 25+ years. When he isn’t practicing at his own firm, you can find Byron in all sorts of adventure-packed activities, including hiking, golfing, and travelling in his RV – an experience that has taken him to over 50 states, 9 provinces, and 2 Territories. At the urging of his friend, Byron applied to be a member of Food Banks Alberta, and had this to say about joining our Board. “It’s been a learning experience. By sitting on the board, I’m doing a very small part to assist in improving food security here in Alberta, and that’s just about the best thing I could be doing.” When he’s not travelling, adventuring, or practicing law, you can find Byron enjoying Alberta beef cooked on the smoker.

Pamela MacLean, Director (Okotoks Food Bank)

Giving back to the community is an important part of Pam’s DNA. Despite a busy professional career in the oil and gas industry, Pam has been volunteering and sitting on various community boards since 2004. She joined the Okotoks Food Bank as their Executive Director in 2018, and holds a personal belief that every human has the right to adequate food, shelter, and clothing. “We live in a prosperous country, so it astounds me that the hunger level here in Canada has been consistently rising over the past decade.” When she’s not volunteering or curled up with a book, you can find Pam enjoying her husband’s homemade pierogi soup on a cold Alberta night.

Amanda Dachuk, Director  

“A stands for Action-Oriented” when it comes to Amanda!  She shares that the only license she doesn’t have is a pilot’s license. On top of this, Amanda is a social worker who owns multiple businesses and operates a non-profit society. With her background, Amanda reminds us of the impacts and importance of our work. She joins Food Banks Alberta because “I know the importance of feeding a family and food sovereignty.” When she isn’t learning new skills, you can find Amanda making candles, sewing quilts, making medicines from Mother Earth, fishing, hunting…

Dan Edwards, Director (Wood Buffalo Food Bank)

Dan’s favourite hobby is doing absolutely nothing – so we are thrilled that he’s chosen to spend time as a Director with Food Banks Alberta. On top of doing nothing, Dan loves singing loudly for all to hear. All joking aside, Dan is a humble board member with great accomplishments. As the Executive Director of the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, Dan knows firsthand the impact that food banks have on individuals and families in need. He joins Food Banks Alberta because “I like helping people. I want to be able to help steer the provincial organization to be as amazing as possible, and have a strong leadership for all of Alberta’s food banks.” When he’s not singing to his two cats, Dan can be found enjoying his favourite food, tacos.

Kathy Tucker, Director

Kathy spent most of her professional career like many Albertans – in the oil industry. As someone who loves to help people, she cites her marriage, children and grandchild as her life’s greatest accomplishments. Kathy joined the Food Banks Alberta board because when she retired, she wanted to start volunteering. A women’s group that she joined in Cochrane ran the local community food bank, and her commitment to supporting food security initiatives grew from there. “I love to help people in need. I always have!” Kathy enjoys Italian cuisine – the pasta is perfect for Alberta’s long winters.