Become a Member of Food Banks Alberta

Membership into a provincial association of food banks provides a member with a number of benefits:

  • Access to a range of food and funding opportunities (i.e. allotments, capacity grants, etc.);
  • Networking occasions with like-minded individuals/groups (i.e. regional meetings, provincial conference, etc.) and;
  • Access to a wide variety of resources (i.e. training, emergency plans, log sheets, etc.), to name a few. We are not a governing body that regulates how your food bank does and does not run, however, we do have standardization guidelines determined by Food Banks Canada that are required. Guidelines such as the Food banking code of ethics, treating clients with dignity and respect, food allotments, etc.

If you are a food bank or an organization that fights food insecurity, and you are interested in becoming a member of our association, please fill out the new member application with the required supporting documents. Completed applications will be reviewed by the board at an upcoming board meeting. 

Applications or questions regarding membership can be directed to:

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Download Member Application

Step 1: Application

Download the member application in either pdf or fillable Word format here:

Please fill in all required fields.

Step 2. Attachments

To become a member of Food Banks Alberta, ensure all supporting documents are attached to the application form prior to submission. Incomplete applications may result in delays and/or discontinuance of the membership application.

Please include the following required documents with your application form:

  • Most recent food handling permit
  • List of current board of directors
  • Most recent Annual Report or financial statements
  • A copy of board minutes indicating approval for submission of the member application
  • A copy of your organizational bylaws
  • A copy of the signed Ethical Foodbanking Code from Food Banks Canada (refer to page 5). You must adopt the Food Banks Canada Ethical Foodbanking Code and adhere to the Safe Food Handling Guidelines for your application to be considered. 
  • A copy of organization’s client intake form (optional)

Step 3. Submission

Once an application and its supporting documents have been completed, submit to the Network Manager for assessment prior to review by the Food Banks Alberta Board of Directors.

Submissions should be sent to:

Attn: Franciska Riehl, Network Manager
Fax: (780) 459-6347
Mail: #105, 3903 75 Ave Leduc, AB T9E 0K3
Questions: 587-404-6073


Board members meet at the end of the month to review applications for membership to Food Banks Alberta. If an application is submitted past this time frame, it will be reviewed the following month end, or the next time the Board convenes. Once an application is approved, membership will begin immediately.