Arianna Scott Appointed CEO of Food Banks Alberta


Food Banks Alberta announced today that Arianna Scott has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer effective immediately, and following her serving as Interim-CEO during a year of transformational leadership, replacing predecessor, Stephanie Walsh-Rigby last spring.

“As Interim CEO, Arianna has led Food Banks Alberta through a challenging year with great achievements. Not only has she increased the Association’s membership over the past 20 months, she has also increased value for our Members during a year of significant pivoting – offering reassuring support, resources and adaptability,” shares Doug Tweddle, Board Chair for Food Banks Alberta. “Arianna’s intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Food Banks Alberta, her relationships with members and stakeholders and her established leadership make her a natural choice for this position.”

Since joining Food Banks Alberta in 2019 as Senior Project Manager, Scott has worked closely with member food banks, as well as government stakeholders to amplify the importance of food security for all Albertans. She is keenly aware of significant challenges that face specific communities, including remote communities. Her experiences navigating national disasters while maintaining food bank operations empowered her to co-create an Emergency Preparedness Response Plan (EPRP) alongside Food Banks BC, and the Canadian Red Cross earlier this year.

Scott is no stranger to rising to a challenge. She was the Executive Director of Wood Buffalo Food Bank in 2016 in Fort McMurray when the wildfires hit. 

“I really fell in love with food banking in Wood Buffalo, and working collaboratively with communities and organizations. Being able to return to the food banking community, to share my experiences, and to support other food banks is an amazing feeling. My work brings me joy daily,”  says Scott. “I am drawn to the subjects of food security and food banking. I have a great passion for supporting people and helping them through trying times. Bringing ideas like the Mobile Pantry Program in Wood Buffalo to life, allows us to reach underserved and remote communities that are experiencing food insecurity. I am looking forward to continuing to work with members and their communities as CEO of Food Banks Alberta.”

Scott has big plans for the future of Food Banks Alberta. In her year as Interim-CEO, she has already secured a new warehouse for their operational needs, as well as a centralized distribution facility to member food banks across the province. Additionally, to further their work with Indigenous communities, Scott launched both a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and a Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) amongst member food banks, furthering their commitments to adopting Canada’s 94 TRC Calls to Action. 

“Training and supports are critical to our membership base. In the next five years, my goal as CEO is to increase training opportunities and build capacity within our member food banks, as well as for all member food banks to complete the Alberta Health Services Safe Food Handling program. Adopting and implementing the National Standards established by Food Banks Canada will build cohesiveness and consistency amongst all food banks,” says Scott. “These opportunities will empower food banks with the knowledge to continue to support their communities. That’s what our Association is all about.” 

Speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors, Chair Doug Tweddle shares that “Arianna is clearly the best person to lead Food Banks Alberta, and she has the unanimous support of our Board. Trust and leadership amongst our members played a key factor in our decision, as it is the utmost concern of our board.” 

Scott’s appointment is effective immediately.