Spicers Canada Program




The organization: Spicers Canada is Western Canada’s leading manufacturer and distributor of more than 5,000 shipping, warehouse, packaging and material handling products. Its 160,000 sq. ft facility in Edmonton produces boxes, printed tape, labels and tags as well as material handling equipment such as carts and rolling ladders for customers in all four western provinces and two territories. In addition to manufactured products, Spicers Canada distributes packaging, shipping, warehouse, safety, janitorial, and shelving/racking products from established quality vendors. An active and supportive member of the community for over 42 years, Spicers Canada has partnered with Food Banks Alberta to provide product at reduced prices.

Program details: Members of Food Banks Alberta have access to both stock and customized products at a reduced rate as well as special no charge product offerings from time to time depending on availability. Spicers Canada can customize products for specific members and/or can produce items for group buys, if applicable.

How to access the program: Each food bank will have to set up their own credit account (OAC) or a COD account linked to Food Banks Alberta in order to receive the preferential pricing. Please contact Alison at contact@foodbanksalberta.ca and she will provide the contact information to connect with Spicers Canada.

One example:
One food bank required extended (extra-long) grocery carts with a mesh top which Spicers Canada currently manufactures as a stock item (product code 8908001EE). They requested the cart be modified so that the swivel casters are located on the opposite end of the handle versus on the handle side of the cart. Spicers Canada was able to build the carts according to request.
Regular price of cart: $325. Sold to the food bank for $245, including modifications.