Warehouse Inventory

To better serve our food bank members we will update this page regularly with an inventory of the items currently available in our North (Leduc) and South (Lethbridge) warehouses. 

Food Banks may order from either the Leduc or South warehouse, whichever location is most convenient. There is a specific sharing form for each warehouse. If you are unsure of which warehouse to order from, please contact our office.

Each document has food categories, with a drop down list for the items in that category.  Just click on the “+” button to bottom left of each category to open the list.  You can then click the “-” button to the bottom of the list to close it again. 

*Please note our North warehouse has moved to Leduc: Unit 103, 3912 77 Ave T9E 0B6

LEDUC Warehouse Inventory

View the Leduc Inventory here: Link to Leduc Inventory Spreadsheet

Download the FBA Leduc food share request form 2019

SOUTH Warehouse Inventory 

View the South Inventory here:Link to South Inventory Spreadsheet

Download the FBA south food share request form 2019