About Us


Alberta Food Banks was incorporated on March 19, 1998 as the Alberta Food Bank Network Association (AFBNA). In 2013 the association of food banks formally began operating as Alberta Food Banks.

The founders of the association believed:

• Food banks should support each other in achieving their objectives.
• Communication among food banks is mutually beneficial.
• Food banks’ working together enhances the well being of communities throughout Alberta.
• Creating public awareness and providing education about hunger and poverty are important elements of food bank activities.

The association evaluates and researches programs to benefit all food banks in the province. These programs are initiated and supported to help our members in food and fundraising, and awareness efforts across Alberta.

Food Banks Alberta provides a wealth of resource material and acts as a communications pipeline for its members so that food banks can function efficiently and share ideas. We promote Alberta food banks on the provincial level.

There are 84 members of the association in Alberta. There are an estimated 110+ food banks operating in Alberta.

All members of the association automatically benefit from provincial and national initiatives with our partners.